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Kennesaw Art and Culture Commission Public Art Master Plan

The integration of art and culture into our public infrastructure – during community events, on our buildings, throughout our parks, even the manhole covers on our sidewalks -- becomes a strong component of our city’s identity and helps contribute to Kennesaw being an ideal place to do business, to live and to explore.


As part of its mission to promote and support community economic viability and quality of life through multidisciplinary art and cultural initiatives, the Kennesaw Art and Culture Commission (KACC) spent more than two years meeting with stakeholders and conducting research to draft a public art master plan. 


Click here to download the master plan.

For more information on upcoming art and culture opportunities, like the City of Kennesaw Art and Culture Commission on Facebook and follow @KennesawArt on Instagram (#kennesawart #kennesawarts). 

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