It always starts with a vision. The idea to build a world-class skatepark was sparked not by hardcore skateboarders, but by the good citizens who live and work in the area. During community meetings and through signing petitions, they made their wishes known that what the area needed was a place for skateboarders to safely practice their sport and challenge their skills. The small, wooden “Skate Spot” in the park had been a good start. But keeping the 20 thousand plus skaters in Cobb County happy required bigger thinking. And creating more business for the area would be a wise side benefit. Very wise indeed.

Once the wheels for skatepark expansion were set in motion, the Swift-Cantrell Park Foundation called upon the man known for developing skate plazas of the highest caliber, Rob Dyrdek. The rest is history. The money was appropriated. The park was designed. And the concrete was poured. Kennesaw’s dream of a world-class skatepark became a reality. It’s a place where local skaters of all skill levels can do their thing. And it’s a world-class facility capable of hosting pro level events and competitions.


3140 Old 41 Highway, Kennesaw GA 30144

Park Hours:

7a.m. – 10p.m.



Parking is offered adjacent to the skatepark. Additional parking within Swift-Cantrell Park

is also available.


Admission is free

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